CA Anuj Goel


“Education is the Manifestation of the perfection present already in man. Divinity is the manifestation of the religion already in man”.
We are heading towards the hi-tech world with the fast growing technological changes. In this globalized world, overall development of an Individual is of utmost importance to become a true professional. We put our best not only to impart the best of education to students but also develop their soft skills which include communication/ presentation skills as well as overall personality development. With the blend of theoretical and practical education, our students can handle the professional challenges of this modern corporate world with perfection.

I would like to dwell upon the significance of the modern education system blend with technological reforms in the Global Village. Education has the power to transform the system of any country, hence in the present process of transition. It has become inherent to focus on value and object based education system in order to pave the path of development in pace.

Quality and Career oriented education is the need of the hour and we at Reliable are dedicating ourselves to provide quality education to the students to enable them to carve their own niche and prove their worth. We nurture and nourish them to be confident, self dependent and self-conscious to make a dint of their own strength in the global environment.

We believe that nothing is impossible, if we focus on the target and set goals in pieces while being realistic. We educate the youth to develop their confidence and ways to get success in real life.

I am proud to inform that Reliable is excelling in imparting the best education in the country. Our commitment, dedication and devotion to impart best education has been recognized in a great way and RELIABLE in North India and awarded with the Education Excellence Award 2011-12 presented by the renowned author Sh. Chetan Bhagat. Again this year, has been adjudged and awarded with GLOBAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARD – 2014 by Dr. Nazma Heptullah Hon’ble Member Rajya Sabha and Anand Kumar (Super-30 Fame).

Popularity graph of Reliable is increasing day by day and this is largely attributable to tireless efforts made by our Administrative and Educational wing bringing an international perspective to all its activities.

Friends, we always believe that “the distance doesn’t matter, only the first step is difficult.”
All the best for your future endeavors.

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