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Mission, Vision & Objective

  • To recognize the potential of each student, making them confident about their role for nation, diligent to work towards their goal and responsibilities and all co-creators of the future generation
  • Endeavoring to identify the need of the students and society through implementation process ensuring compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Blend of values, technology and quest for quality and excellence
  • To face the challenge of the new millennium, being complement technically and technologically and ethically sound.
  • To embark continuous improvement on the basis of training and retraining need based on learning
  • Develop better skilled, more productive and innovative people
  • Promote Reliable Institute of Management & Technology as a great place to learn application and transform.
  • Promote Reliable Institute of Management & Technology as a partner with other stakeholders for advocating issues pertaining to the education.
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The Reliable Institute of Management & Technology has embraced the following organizational values:

  • Treat others fairly and objectively
  • Prevent discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Consider the views of others.
  • Provide frank, impartial and timely advice
  • Provide high quality services
  • Identify and promote best practice
  • Be open, honest and transparent
  • Use power responsibly
  • Strive to earn and sustain public trust
  • Make decisions and provide advice based on merit
  • Avoid bias, favoritism or self interest
  • Lead by example
  • Actively implement, promote and support these values
  • Be accountable and take responsibility for outcomes
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